endless summer media.

Endless Summer Media started with a desire to see the world transformed through visual design, photography, and videography.

Since our beginning in 2012, we have had the chance to work with a range of different collaborators from all walks of life, home cleaning businesses, small bakeries, and medium volume retailers to name a few.

As we continue to operate, we aim to help businesses, organizations and everyday people succeed in what they desire to achieve. Whether that is starting they’re own business, creating a charity fundraiser or capturing a wedding, we aspire to give them the best visual advantage possible.

our services.

Here at Endless Summer Media, we like to think of ourselves as a one stop media shop.

Below we have listed a few categories that we have at our creative agency, each covering a different creative aspect of media: design covering branding or general graphic design, online covering websites and social media including management, and capture covering photography and video services. As we continue to grow we will begin to add new and/or expanded categories and aspects such as CGI, motion capture or even game development.


In this modern world, design rules all. With logos, icons, wallpapers, and booklets, it encompasses such a wide range of applications and end products.
To save you time, we’ve put it all under the one banner to make it easier for you and your business. 


Establishing an online presence is one of the greatest things you can do as a business. Having an online presence is all about making sure your brand can be found. Accompanied with social media, it is one of the highest priorities for any business, making sure that you can be found and within easy reach of your consumers.


The beauty of video is its ability to captivate.  When used in the right way it influences an audience to feel a certain way, changing the way they view something. A photo can capture a moment like no other. Like a romantic moment at a wedding, or a moment on a stage that captures artisan at its finest.

our blog.

Check out our blog, a series of creatively curated content, in here we will be adding resources, how-tos, upcoming trends and anything we think could be cool for you to know. If you would prefer to look at pretty stuff instead head over to our portfolio to see our most recent work.