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A Photo has the ability to tell amazing stories, even if they don’t move. Some images can tell endless stories of something that video has no chance of telling. A photo can capture a moment like no other. Like a romantic moment at a wedding, or a moment on a stage that captures artisan at its finest.
Lifestyle, landscape, product photography, fly-through, and 360 panoramas are just a few of the photography services that we offer at Endless Summer Media. Paired with a wide range of editing solutions; such as white spacing, stylising & manipulation are also available.
We have your photography needs covered.


The beauty of video is its ability to captivate.  When used in the right way it influences an audience to feel a certain way, changing the way they view something.
Our videography services cover every stage of the video process. With filming, editing, colouring, and rendering, Our fully trained team of videographers we can help you realise your creative vision. We can also include a range of special effects, motion graphic and animation add-ons.


photography basics.


$94per hour


$44per photo


$6per photo
videography basics.


$94per hour


$94per hour


$126For Full HD