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Case Study – Endless Summer Media

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At the end of the day we’re in this for the people we collaborate with.

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Endless Summer Media started out in 2012 doing freelance jobs such as videography at weddings, photography on film sets, websites for retail stores and non-profit organisations in the Melbourne area.

In 2016 we began helping a local Melbourne church with their yearly branding, developing the look and feel of their children’s program, building various screen and print materials for not only their local campuses but international campuses as well.

Building even further on the company’s ability to provide a complete brand we took on clients in the Melbourne area such as Cove & Co Clothing, Hunter Roasters & our newest brand work, Aussie Republic.

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Why Endless Summer Media started is purely out of a desire to see the world transformed visually, to see businesses grow and lives be transformed.

We exist to help businesses, organisations and everyday people succeed in whatever the want to pursue in life, whether that is starting up they’re own business, wanting to create a fundraiser to support a charity or have a wedding to put together.

At the end of the day we’re in this for the people we collaborate with, their lives, their stories, that’s truly what matters to us here at Endless Summer Media.

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The vision for Endless Summer Media is seeing it become a hub for creatives to come together, share dreams and grow both personally and professionally.

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