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Cheat Sheets – Adobe Suite Uses

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Adobe Systems have easily become the world leaders in creative media software

Today we’re going to take a look at five major applications that Adobe provide and what we use that software for.



Photoshop is probably the most well known and widely used, by designers & photographers alike.

Raster-based software great for photo editing, photo manipulation, photo filtering, product mock-ups and more.

In the more recent versions of Photoshop they have included:

  • The ability to build 3D images, therefore limiting the need for Cinema 4D and Maya to create 3D products for images.
  • The ability to animate images and export as videos, enabling basic compositions and animations



Illustrator is most widely used by designers and web designers to create highly scalable vector designs.

It’s vector-based software great for logo design, branding, typography, illustrations and more.



InDesign used by designers & publishers to create high detail print products like brochures, business cards, flyers and booklets.

This text-based software is great for creating branded styles for consistent looks when it comes to text and colouring in documents.



Animate, known to most millennials as Flash, most commonly used back in the day to create 2D games and animations, beginning to open the way to software and mobile application development.

Specializing in frame by frame animation, it’s great for rotoscoping, stop-motion and GIF creation and several other end products.


After Effects

After Effects is most widely used by designers, cinematographers & animators.

Composition-based software built for video compositions, compositing 3D animations, colour grading and more.

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