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Learn To Code Now – Book Review

We recently picked ourselves up a copy of SuperHi‘s Learn To Code Now, a great book written in 2017 on learning to code HTML, CSS and Javascript. The best part? it’s targeted towards creatives, Can I get a hallelujah up in here.


The Book.

Learn To Code Now is the answer to the prayers of any visual designer, that wanted to start learning to code for websites. By eliminating all the technical jargon and non-emotive writing, used in most code education books. It imparts its coding knowledge, through visual info graphics and easy to explain tags. The content for the book is structured in a way that it takes a beginner, with no coding knowledge whatsoever and starts to build your foundational knowledge. Without being overly complicated, so as to not burden the reader with too much knowledge in one sitting.


Our Recommendation.

After reading through the book, it’s absolutely something I would recommend any budding web designer or someone looking to expand their skill set. It’s definitely going to be our go to resource for web design training from here on out.

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